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Lydia Lockett

Lydia Lockett - Comedian

Lydia Lockett – Comedian

Lydia Lockett is a comedienne, jazz poet, singer-songwriter, actor and visual artist. She acts on stage, television, film and radio in both English and French. She has written and performed 7 one-woman shows and has played Canada, the US, Cuba and Denmark.

Lydia Lockett’s audience is ever expanding as she delights in discovering new ways to touch your heart.


August 5th, Comedy Strikes Back with Harvey Walden

Letterman, Leno, O’Brian, have all rejected him. He’s won multiple awards across the globe -that he made up himself. He’s Asian, so as you can guess, he’s good at everything. He’s likely doing this show for no monies, because he believes all good things are controlled by the Illumanti. Come for one night, to see a wildly entertaining, fall off your seat, tell all your friends kind of funny.
Comedian Harvey Walden

Comedian Harvey Walden

June 17th, 2015: Kim de Falc

Créatrice et artiste dans l’âme, Kim de Falc possède une formation en théâtre ainsi qu’une passion inépuisable pour l’écriture, la musique et la scène. Ses champs d’expertise se resserrent maintenant autour du rap et de l’humour. C’est donc à un heureux mélange de ces deux arts auquel vous devez vous attendre lorsque qu’elle prendra le micro.

Pour plus d’infos, consultez son site internet: kimdefalc.com
Vous pouvez aussi la suivre sur Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram et Twitter.

Hip-Hop Stand-Up

Hip-Hop Stand-Up

BigBangMtl invites ”Heavyzeb” May 21st



 MaCMuwsA is a prolific writter hailling from the streets of Miami Fl. Since his inception as an artist Mac has followed a passion for the design of Hip-Hop; living, writting, and holding a command over his production.  The content of his work embues the scenery of his life over carefully selected beat within a transmitable energy elevating his Artistry. With love for the essence of the craft, MaCMuwsA performs at Big Bang Montreal May 21st, 2014

More info:

Videos:  MaCMuwsA – Hot Plate – http://youtu.be/Oxe_z_zbGgA
NEW SINGLE: MaCMuwsA- Love Me or Leave Me Alone http://youtu.be/a-jFiN0pBZk

April 9th, 2014 Feature: HSR Hip-Hop with purpose

The world of MC’s is a world where personalities preach. HSR is the hero chilling with the villains. He is 26 years old, spits rhymes of an intricate nature whilst he clings to a near extinct philosophy. The one which recognizes artists are role models. He understands that what he says matters. Whether it influences one mind, or a million, he makes music that is real. His mission is to make people think. In the midst of the ego tracks and illusions, he does the unthinkable, he ignores himself and makes songs about different subject matter.
HSR hustles daily. He grinds through the 9-5 in a salary position earned through real accomplishment. Minimum wage, minimum effort is something he never believed in. Then he got to a place in life where he could produce the music he wants to make. This same ethic carries over into the songs he writes. His drive comes from the reality that nobody thought the biggest loser in his high school could ever make anything of rap. Very few people believed his vision was anything more than the a ridiculous pipe dream.
Today he is working on his first EP. Once this is done, the first music video will follow. By the time 2014 is done, HSR will have made his official entrance into the Montreal scene. He has been a rapper now for almost 2 years, since his first opener gig in 2012. He has worked on his craft daily since. He is a HHKMTL legend. He impressed the crew there enough to earn a spot on their Just For Laughs event. You can usually tell HSR is at the show, as he will be the guy decked out in a suit. Every time. 
The next thing being worked on is a low production side project. The concept is to take instrumentals of songs that are not at all hip hop, and write verses on them. The goal is to prove that rap as a vocal style, belongs everywhere. His musical desire is to blend rap with punk, electronic music, metal and anything he can get his hands on. Don’t think this means he will ever leave the classic genre behind. He also wants to start throwing events showcasing lyrically driven rappers in the 514. HSR wants to bring his sense of community to the game.


Hip-Hop Distinction in a Suit

March 19th, 2014 Samba Swing Heats Up BigBangMTL w/ Percussions

Musician, percussionist, teacher, composer and leader, of Brazilian origin, Cayo San Alberto moved to Montreal in 2012. For more than ten years he was a teacher in a private school in Salvador de Bahia. He has taught various rhythms of Afro-Brazilian percussion as maracatu, merengue, salsa, samba-reggae, Brazilian samba, Candomblé, swing, Levada and the bayou in the rhythm of Samba-reggae. He traces his artistic way from the samba-reggae style while sharing his passion with his students. His experience is rich in many mixtures of Afro-Brazilian rhythms, salsa, Cuban, Brazilian samba and other world rhythms.


Cayo San Alberto

Cayo San Alberto



March 12th, 2014 BBM invites the warm flavors of Jasmine Wilson

Jasmine Wilson is a singer, poet, and radio personality. Her love for performing drove her to venture from her home in the US to complete a Bachelor in Music from McGill University in Vocal Performance. Jasmine loves singing in foreign languages, traveling, imitating British accents, and trying new foods. Catch her hosting *Soul Perspectives* on radio CKUT or on stage in the soul-funk band *What it Is*.


Poet in Speech

Poet in Speech